Circles in real life application.

21 11 2009

Here are some pictures of circles in real life application

This is a clock. It has different shapes. Your clock can be a square- shape. But have you notice what’s inside? I have once open a destroyed one. It has a gear inside. Do you know what a gear is? What is its shape? Yes it’s like a circle. Have you seen a gear that has a shape other than circle? Difinitely, you can not see a gear that has a shape other than circle. How important really the circle in our life. Here is types of  gear which I have link to

I have seen different types of gears.

What is your favorite sports? Games need some equipment, right?  Ballgames use ball. Have you ever seen a triangle- shaped ball? or even a square-shape ball?  Image in a place with no ball. Are you familiar with what sports does these ball is being used? Try to guess…



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