19 11 2009

How is my camp blog experience so far? What do I like least? What do I like best?

The Camp Blog 1B participants has different experiences. These experiences might be one of their memorable moments. Memorable in many instances. Some of us experiences the first time. First time in riding the golf cart, first time in riding a plane, first time to taste unusual/unfamiliar  foods. How about you, is it your first time?

My experience in this camp blog is enjoyable. Enjoyable in the sense that I’ve met friends with different cultures and origin. We can not deny that our schedule is very hectic but still many of us enjoying the camp.

The activities assigned to us was very logical. It connects and links. At first I’ve think it’s easy doing outline. I was wrong because we have to find ways that this topics will be interesting and interactive. For the past days I have comply all the requirements. Gradually I find it not as hard as I’ve think.

I know all  our activities here are well planned to suit everyone’s need. It can not deny  that of the different activities we have one whom we like best. Exploring the wordpress is one of the activities I’ve like best. We can do link somewhere out there.




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